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We do Family Law! The Family Law Firm is dedicated to practicing family law in the State of New Mexico, and is able to provide clients with knowledgeable help and sound advice. The Divorce Lawyers Albuquerque and child custody attorneys at The Family Law Firm are especially dedicated to their clients. The paralegals and support staff are also dedicated to providing you with the attention and service you deserve during this difficult time.

Over the years, The Family Law Firm has taken on hundreds of the most difficult and complex divorce and family law cases in New Mexico. The family law attorneys at The Family Law Firm are confident and experienced in overcoming one-of-a-kind cases and stand ready to successfully represent you amid any new situations that may arise.

In a Complex Divorce it is important to have an attorney who knows how to find and understand the important details surrounding your case. The hard work of all the Lawyers, Paralegals and support staff at The Family Law Firm will translate into relief and positive results for you and your family.

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The experienced New Mexico Divorce Lawyers at The Family Law Firm will expertly guide you through complex asset division, business valuations, pension and retirement division, spousal support and alimony issues. The staff at The Family Law Firm is caring and understanding and the attorneys are highly efficient.

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