DWI Penalties

The first offense for DWI in New Mexico is punishable with up to 90 days in jail and/or up to a $500 fine in addition to NM Court Costs and costs for a New Mexico Ignition Interlock device. First time DWI offenders in New Mexico may also be ordered to attend a first time DWI offender program and regular alcohol screenings with counseling. If this is your first DWI offense in New Mexico you may also be required to do community service, attend the victim impact panel and serve probation resulting in additional fees. If your first drunk driving offense is considered an aggravated DWI, a minimum of 48 hours in a New Mexico jail will be mandatory and will include additional penalties and /or fines. Aggravated DWI in New Mexico includes operating a motor vehicle with an alcohol level of .16% or greater. Your New Mexico drunk driving offense can also be considered an Aggravated DWI if you cause injury or harm while driving drunk or while under the influence. You can also be charged with Aggravated DWI in New Mexico if you refuse to submit to blood alcohol or breathalyzer testing when pulled over for driving drunk.

If you have been stopped and charged with your second DWI offense, it is punishable for up to 364 days in jail and includes mandatory fines that can cost thousands of dollars. In addition to NM jail time and fines your second Drunk Driving Offense in New Mexico will include hundreds of dollars in fees and New Mexico Court Costs along with probation, community service and may include installing an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. When charged with your second New Mexico drunk driving offense, you may also be subject to losing your New Mexico Driver’s License for up to one year. The DWI Lawyers at the Criminal Defense Law Firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico know the law and will defend your rights when dealing with your DWI or Aggravated DWI Charges in New Mexico. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers will also help you with your New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division case and defend your rights in your NM Driver’s License Revocation. Drunk Driving Lawyers ? Aggressive DWI Attorneys
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When charged with your third New Mexico DWI offense you will spend a mandatory 30 days in jail. Upon conviction of your 3rd NM Drunk Driving offense you will also be responsible for thousands of dollars in penalties, NM Court Costs and fines. If this is your third charge for drunk driving in any New Mexico County within the last ten years and you are convicted for DWI or DUI you may have your New Mexico Driver?s License revoked for up to ten years. If this is your third New Mexico DWI charge and it is considered Aggravated DWI you will be sentenced to a mandatory 90 days in a New Mexico Jail. Four or more New Mexico DWI?s within a ten year period are considered NM felonies and may be punishable with up to a year in a New Mexico Prison.

Being charged with a DWI in New Mexico is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. Charges like DWI or DUI will haunt your record for ever. Call the New Mexico DWI Lawyers at the Criminal Defense Law Firm today and defend your future.

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