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 Experienced and Aggressive NM Criminal Defense Attorneys

When you are dealing with criminal charges in New Mexico you need a smart and aggressive criminal defense lawyer that knows and understands the New Mexico laws. You also need a strong advocate that is familiar with the New Mexico Judicial System and that will fight for your rights. The Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Family Law Firm in Albuquerque, NM are experienced and dedicated to making sure you are treated fairly while dealing with the Judicial Courts in New Mexico. The Criminal Defense Lawyers at The Family Law Firm are licensed to practice in all New Mexico Courts and are well respected in the New Mexico Courts Systems.

Donna Trujillo Dodd, Esq.
S. Matthew Torres, Esq.
Cody E. O'Brien, Esq.
Matthew Legan Sanchez, Esq.

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The Criminal Defense Lawyers at The Family Law Firm are Licensed to practice in ALL counties in the State of New Mexico. Your defense IS your future. Call Today!

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