Domestic Violence

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New Mexico Domestic Violence Lawyers
In addition to the services the New Mexico Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers at The Family Law Firm provide to clients, they also represent individuals involved in Domestic Violence in Albuquerque, New Mexico and throughout the entire state as well. Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence are serious matters and should never be treated lightly. There are serious ramifications in Domestic Violence that should never be ignored.

Victim Representation
If you are a victim of Domestic Violence in New Mexico, you need a strong advocate to obtain the necessary legal restraining orders to protect you from further abuse. Orders of Protection, also known as Restraining Orders, are effective and they help to protect the safety and welfare of the victim.

Representation of the alleged Perpetrator
If you have been accused of Domestic Violence in New Mexico, the ramifications of this type of Restraining Order are serious and should not be ignored. There are often ways to resolve these matters in a manner that does not further injure the other party. Of course, if you have been falsely accused of Domestic Violence or if you have been served with a restraining order that has no merit, we will make sure that your defense is thoroughly crafted and executed in the New Mexico Courts.


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