New Mexico Paternity Lawyers

When Paternity is at question you need a smart and experienced Attorney to guide you through the process. New Mexico Paternity cases involve obtaining DNA or genetic testing to determine the Child’s Father. The New Mexico Paternity Lawyers at The Family Law Firm utilize top of the line reliable DNA experts to make an accurate determination of Paternity for your New Mexico Paternity case.

Once Paternity is determined, the New Mexico Paternity Attorneys at The Family Law Firm will aggressively pursue your rights to visitation and legal custody. In addition, the Lawyers will represent you in settling any Child Support Arrears and ongoing Child Support.

Rely on The Family Law Firm to get the job done for you. Because they care about your parental rights and focus on Family Law, you will be represented by a law firm with extensive knowledge and experience in New Mexico Paternity Trials and Litigation.


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